Crypto Dummies

     Welcome to the world of Crypto Dummies – the meme token that's all about the hilariously unexpected! Strap in and get ready for a wild ride, because with DUMMY, it's all about embracing the uncertainty of "Probably Nothing, Maybe Anything."
     Join our vibrant community of crypto enthusiasts and meme lovers as we navigate the unpredictable landscape of the blockchain together.
Whether it's a laugh-out-loud meme, a jaw-dropping surprise, or a spontaneous adventure, DUMMY is here to keep you entertained and engaged every step of the way. With DUMMY, the possibilities are endless and the laughter never stops.

     So why wait? Dive into the world of Crypto Dummies today and experience the excitement of
"Probably Nothing, Maybe Anything" like never before! Get ready for the unexpected. Get ready for #DUMMY!

Coin Name: Crypto Dummies
Coin Symbol: DUMMY
Coin Decimals: 18
Coin Address: 0x6a7CD9Dee3E11C6c6C55e9574e38E5F458BC5366
Blockchain: Cronos

Total Supply: 888,777,888,777,888
Fairlaunch (35%), Coins For Presale: 310,072,258,572,261
DEX Listing, Coins For Liquidity (17%): 151,092,041,290,825
Team (5%): 44,438,894,438,894

Staking (18%): 159,579,219,979,219

Marketing (15%): 133,316683,316,683

Airdrop (10%): 88,877,788,877,788

Initial Market Cap (estimate): 1,723,958 CRO ($206,874)
Soft Cap: 95,000 CRO ($11,400)
Limit per user: 10,000 CRO

Presale Start Time: 2024.05.09 09:00 (UTC)
Presale End Time: 2024.09.01 09:00 (UTC)

Listing On: Ebisu's DEX
Liquidity Percent: 51%